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Macky Gee-FEAT
Macky Gee-FEAT


Talking Geeometric with Macky Gee

We catch up with the Kent-based Drum & Bass artist to hear all about his brand new audio/visual live show ‘Geeometric’

Drum & Bass artist Macky Gee is bringing his brand new audio visual live show to Electric In Brixton.

Entitled Geeometric, it showcases a bold new vision for electronic music in a live environment.

We caught up with the Kent-based artist who told us all about it and what you can expect from the show as well as discussing his new music, making his last album and the success of his Tour anthem.

You debut your new audio visual show Geeometric at Electric in Brixton on March 19th. Can you tell us a bit of what we can expect at the show and how it will go down?

You’ll definitely see a different type of show, most shows I would do are straight DJ sets where I would turn up, plug my USB in and play a set. However, with Geeometric we have been busy preparing stage designs, insane visuals and more importantly new, unheard music. Honestly, I’m genuinely so excited about this one as I believe this is the start of the next chapter in my DJ career, with more emphasis on visuals and production.

The show has been described as fully immersive, can you tell us about how it will work?

With Geeometric there is a custom made stage design, mainly from LED screens but also state of the art lighting beyond that which you’d get in a regular venue. We’ve created a whole set of new visuals that will be synced with the audio, and then I’ve gone even further by producing exclusive versions of some of my best known tracks as well as loads of new and original ones. The visuals are based on a 3D type effect, I really want to give the fans the best possible experience and push the boundaries as far as I can!

Have you been wanting to do something even bigger with visuals for a while now?

100%, I’m always asking my manager for pyro this, fireworks that, but he usually stops me getting too carried away, otherwise we would probably have elephants and tigers on stage. No doubt I’d be in some shit with either a complaint about a tiger getting into the crowd and mashing someone up or an elephant smashing up a club. So yeah, visuals and enhanced stage production is definitely something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and its much safer than any of my other ideas!

Do you feel that this new show will set a standard when it comes to drum & bass live shows?

Personally, I think what people want to do with their shows is up to them. I’m really focusing on just doing my own thing really, and trying to be as different as possible.


The show also features Darkzy, Jamie Duggan, Mollie Collins, Duckworthsound and K Motionz. Did you want those artists to be a selection of different styles playing on the night?

I’ve known Mollie for a long time so its great to see her on the line up. Jamie Duggan has been a massive part in the music scene as a whole and has done so much for so many people for their careers it only feels right to see him billed on this too! I’m genuinely looking forward to everyone’s sets there and if you haven’t get a ticket for this show I think there are only a few left now. I don’t want anyone to miss out.

Have you had any thoughts about the next Geeometric event?

100% yep. There’s been talk about what we’re planning on doing and where we want to hit next but that’s all being kept under wraps right now. All you need to know for now is we’re striving to make this bigger, better and more wowowow! 

Have you got plans to take Geeometric out on tour around the country?

Yes, globally!

What has been the best rave that you’ve ever played at?

It’s so hard to say there’s so many with their own unique epicness about them. The first one that comes to mind is Tomorrowland. We all know why that is such an iconic show, so glad it’s back this year, but there are loads more, Rampage, again same kind of thing. Pirate Station in Russia, Pukkelpop, Dour but also the more intimate venues like Tank in Sheffield. I honestly can’t decide on one rave or event. Just grateful to be doing this in the first place.

Can you tell us about what festivals you are going to be playing at this summer?

I know I can mention Tomorrowland, but there are some big ones that haven’t been announced so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say much yet…..

What’s the wildest reaction you have ever had while playing?

Soundsplash in Raglan, New Zealand is probably the best reaction I’ve had, that was some proper goosebump stuff, from the minute I walked on stage you just felt an overwhelming roar. At first I thought something mad had happened, but I still can’t wrap my head around it.

You have just released the track Karma. Can you tell us a bit about the track and how it’s gone down?

Yep. I’ve only really had a chance to play it at a handful of shows where shows are taking a slow recovery from covid and all that. I think it’s definitely a grower. Most people expect different from me and when I make something different they expect the old Macky stuff, so I kinda grounded myself a bit with this one and stuck to the gritty jump up sound i’ve seen a few screwfaces in the crowd. If you haven’t, check it out.

Can you tell us about any other new music you’ve got upcoming?

To be honest I’ve made so much I don’t even know what to do with it all! I released a couple of dub usbs just to get so much older and a couple more up to date tracks out in the open. I didn’t wanna drown the market too much with a shit load of releases but at the same time i wanted any fans to hear or have music that I’ve been sat on for so long. Official release wise, I have a few tracks ready so its just about the right time at the moment.

Have you got plans to follow up It’s A Gee Thing with another album?

I get excited making albums, a single can be a bit repetitive as you just pick at it over and over until you get to a point where (well for me) just get used to it so much you not as bothered about it as much – with albums you can get really into it and structure almost a story around it which is something I have always loved. I plan to get another album out. I’d love to release an album every 6 months personally. So yeah definitely keen on getting something worked on asap!

How was the experience of making that album and how has it been received?

Yeah it was great. You just have a purpose with writing. You can always have the guilt free pleasure of exploring your sounds and being more versatile and slipping in a few out there tracks rather than having the pressure of all eyes on one track and huge expectations. Collaborations have never really been my thing. I’m pretty unsociable in general so it takes al ot for me to jump in a studio with someone and vibe out just where I’m so used to doing it on my own, collaborating with some of these artists was really fun and we just got on with it and made what we vibed to at the time again. That’s what’s special about albums, you just explore a lot of freedom. It was good to release dubstep, house, bassline and stuff like that. I’m always making other genres for fun and I think that definitely showed on that album.


How was it working with Mefjus on the album track The Devil and the reaction that track got?

Mefjus should be called a scientist producer or something theres making music and theres creating musical fucking potions using chloride mixed with Formaldehyde stirred with Acrylonitrile with bass and reverb, don’t know what i’m on about do you?! This guy is a machine with production I actually learned a lot just seeing some of the stuff he came up with. Definitely one to watch out for. The reaction was kinda funny no one expected it. Mefjus & Macky Gee? How? What? Everyone would say when me and him thought about getting on a tune we basically said how fun it would be and I think the fun term is purely the fact on how no one would expect it.

You also worked with Tempa T, Cyantific and Grima & Azza amongst others on the album. Did you want to have a wide range of artists featuring on the album?

I’d have liked to of added a heap more of people but to finalise the album you always have to filter the tracks down to a 20/25/30 track limit. I could of kept going id like to do a stupid number album one day and just completely take the piss! I had some names that were going to get on that album that again, would have shocked some but who knows maybe on the next one!

Who would you love to have on a Macky Gee album in the future?

So, so many names, but I like to keep my cards close to my chest really. If I say who i’d like on my album, I’ll push to make that happen and I don’t really want people getting there before I do. This is how you try to keep unique and different really.

The much missed Skibadee and Stormin both feature on your album Sway. What are your favourite memories of working with them?

Yeah I am still completely gutted. Stormin was such a funny guy. I was lucky to of travelled across the world with him and see him coming out with the funniest stuff, doing the funniest things all the time. Genuinely thought he was a comedian. Skiba, the cuts are still fresh for me. I’ve tried staying off social media and seeing too much because like everyone else did with Skiba they all had their own bonds with him he was such a special, kind soul. It’s all too fresh for me still really. Grateful to have had them in my life more so them being on that album which meant alot to me as I hope it did them too. R.I.P.

Your track Tour has become an absolute anthem. How does it feel to have a track like that get the reaction it does?

Yeah, it’s mental. I always have this story of me actually not being that bothered about it it was in the dub unreleased folder and i ended up sending it to Friction just to play on Radio 1 at the time along with other tracks I had it coming out on an EP. the Calm Before The Storm EP, I think it was, but  I took it off and it sounded too much like other tracks I made. Friction asked to release it and I didn’t think twice about him doing basically what he wanted with it at the time. Now it’s my biggest track. Mental. My advice to producers if you’re anything like me is release tracks you aint too mad about because nine times out of ten they always seem to do better than the ones I get excited about the most!

Have you been surprised just how big the track has become?

100% still shocked about it. Everything happens for a reason. Mad to think that tune probably wouldn’t have even been released. You get these people who upload unreleased clips of tunes onto youtube like 1 minute long. They don’t know the names of the tunes and they actually uploaded a clip of it at the time and called it ‘Macky Gee – Tiger’?! People actually argue their point saying I called it Tiger before Tour when it 10000000% wasn’t ever called that!

Do you still get a buzz when you hear other DJs dropping one of your tunes?

Always. I’m terrible at sending tunes out to other djs. Nothing about ego or whatever. I’m a massive introvert so when i do pluck up the momentum to send any tracks i’ve made I’m instantly grateful for it.

Who are your biggest influences when it comes down to both producing and djing?

EZ as a DJ. Always had his CDs as a kid and he still is a sick DJ. Producers’ Erb N Dub I always feel is underrated. He can make snares out of a packet of crisps. No doubt I love all music though so it’s hard to say one specific producer I can really influence from. I like to just feel influenced by myself and just vibing to whatever at the time.

How did you get into drum & bass in the first place?

I was a big garage fan growing up – D&B, Garage all these genres at the time were all closely linked when I bought my first set of decks obviously from Garage the next best thing from that was D&B. A lot faster, more energy, more in your face. My brother and cousin used to smash out tape packs all the time until I started nicking them after a while and my brother moved on to Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy with it…..nah joking!

What does drum & bass mean to you, having been in it for such a long time?

D&B is always so unique and has been a massive influence on what I make and of course, DJ. I like to sit right on the edge of it personally I like to say my sound is a mixture of EDM & DNB

What have been some of the highlights in your music career so far?

New Zealand is a top highlight, selling out my first show in 5 minutes! Tour going silver, so so so so many but i’m pushing for more!


Remaining tickets for Geeometric are available here.

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