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PREM FEAT Thugwidow - Seventh Circle of Litness


Thugwidow – Seventh Circle Of Litness (Western Lore)

We premiere the hardcore-influenced title track from the Manchester-based breakbeat wizard’s breathtaking new album on Bristol-based label Western Lore

Thugwidow is set to unleash his brand new album Seventh Circle Of Litness on Western Lore.

This will be the first album from the Manchester-based artist on the Bristol-based label and their first release together since 2019’s Hard Rave Aesthetic EP.

Having previously released many albums across labels such as Pure Life Records, Hollow Point One and Kudatah, Thugwidow’s latest may well be his best as he offers up a truly expansive and massively impressive 15-track project which explores all the points across the breakbeat spectrum with his typically masterful finesse.

and what better home for it than Alex Eveson aka Dead Man’s Chest’s Western Lore imprint, one of our favourite labels here at UKBM, giving a home to the productions of artists such as Coco Bryce, Earl Grey, Crypticz and many more.

Today we are incredibly excited to share with you the opening and title track of the album, Seventh Circle Of Litness. A fitting title to say the least, licked with hardcore influences, breakbeat wizardry and an irresistibly heavy rave aesthetic. Huge!

Seventh Circle Of Litness is out August 12th. Buy here.


1. Seventh Circle Of Litness
2. Dissociative Funk
3. Human Contact
4. United Kingdom
5. A Cleansing Pain
6. A Reduction In Stress
7. Conduct Yourself With Some Fucking Dignity
8. Funkiest Funk
9. Overall Failure
10. Contrary To Popular Opinion
11. Light On Earth
12. Good Groovy Energy Guys
13. The Watchtower
14. Ungratifying
15. Change Is The Only Constant (In Four Movements) [Bandcamp Exclusive]

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