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Dynamics release new ‘Featured’ episode with Ila Brugal

Today sees the release of Dynamics new mini-doc series ‘Featured’ with Ila Brugal. Produced, directed and edited by Burntbox London. 

Today sees the release of Dynamics new mini-doc series ‘Featured’ with Ila Brugal. Produced, directed and edited by Burntbox London

The Bristol based brands aim is to support and celebrate femxle/non-binary bass music artists via their database of DJs/Producers on their website. Taking things a step further, head honcho Deanna and the Dynamics crew set up a mini-doc series entitled ‘Featured’. These intimate films tell the stories of the womxn behind the music like never before, giving a personal glimpse into what it means to be a femxle artist in today’s musical landscape.

Italian born, London based Ila Brugal steps up for episode 2. She delves into the journey of her music history and influences and you can expect some special guest appearances from Sgt Pokes, Pete Cannon and Matt Frost.

Ila & Deanna have shared some lovely words about their experience working and creating this episode.

Ila said, “Filming this documentary it’s been so much fun and honestly can’t thank Dynamics and Rachel enough for working tirelessly to bring my story to life and for following me around my London gigs to capture what my sets are really about. Although it’s been quite hard to put into words the last 8 years of my life, I hope that my experience can be helpful and motivational to anyone watching it. Grateful to have had the opportunity to share this experience with some very good friends of mine who definitely shaped my sound and the person I am today.”

Deanna said, “We just had to get Ila involved in the featured documentary, discussions started in late 2020 and at the time we could see that she was about the take the scene by storm. She has been incredible to work with and she has fully deserved this opportunity in the spotlight. Ila is one of the hardest working DJs we know. She knows exactly how to put on a show, constantly leaving the audience wanting more. Exciting times ahead for this girl.”

Massive congratulations and credits go to Dynamics and the team for creating this and we look forward to seeing the next episodes. Peep the full episode above and show your support by liking/commenting and sharing.

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