2X: A new label from Alec Falconer

Its a beautiful thing when someone bursts on to the scene with such flair and finesse that it seems as if  they have been around for years. This is exactly what Alec Falconer has done.

Over the last couple years he has made a name for himself with his versatile, high quality productions, seamlessly blurring the lines between House and Garage, breaks and 2-step . He has seen releases on EXTRue De Plaisance & Entity London. His track Turning 29 was also put out on Dr Banana which, in this writers opinion, is the Garage track on 2019 so far.

The Paris-based man now turns his attentions to his brand new label; 2X. A vinyl only white label series which debuts with his fellow native Ilyes with tracks Yes Yes & Rue Farcot. Two excellent up-tempo yet soulful House jams filled with glitches, arpeggios and boogie. It shows shades of early Matthew Herbert whilst still sounding fresh and futuristic.

The label will be limited to 6 releases, each record representing a colour of the Rubik’s Cube. No release date for the next one but expect to hear more from Alec himself and other producers in his ranks.

You can buy Ilyes – Yes Yes/Rue Farcot from the 2X Bandcamp or Red Eye as well as other retailers




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