Air Max 97 - Ice Bridge

Air Max 97 joins Timedance with brand new single

Since it’s inaugural release in 2015, the Timedance label has become known and regarded as one of the best electronic labels around, putting out hard to define, boundary pushing music.

The Bristol-based label is run by Batu, who along with his own productions has created a home for music from the likes of Ploy, Lurka, Bruce and Laksa. Now a new face joins the Timedance family…

That new face comes in the form London-based New Zealander Air Max 97 and his brand new 12″ featuring tracks Ice Bridge and Bruxis.

In typical fashion, the style comes like a sonic freight train. Swooping, rolling and crashing with an altogether eerie vibe with shades of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher.

A really high quality release and a match made in heaven.

Set for a 27th September release but available to pre-order now via the Timedance Bandcamp.




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