Mars89 - TX 55

Amy Becker launches Acrylic Records with Mars89 – TX-55

Following the success of her raves and NTS radio series, Amy Becker has now made Acrylic a fully fledged label.

Stepping up stepping in with 001 is Tokyo producer and Noods Radio resident Mars89 with tracks TX-55 and Successor Project.

These tracks are high energy. Filled with space age sonics and futuristic breaks with influences of Techno and Grime.

The label said this about the release; “The eerie A-side ‘TX-55’ boasts heavy kickdrums and throttling bass, while ‘Successor Project’ represents the more up-tempo side of Mars89’s broad sonic spectrum, featuring jungle-esque breaks and a build up of uncompromising tension, accentuated by the vocal sample from Tek 9’s 1995 dub ‘A London Sumtin”


Out October 11th but available to pre-order now on the Acrylic Bandcamp page.




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