Bristol duo Cando debut on Livity Sound

There is no doubting that Livity Sound has become a treasured Bristol institution.

Tom ‘Peverelist‘ Ford has overseen the labels rise with perfect execution, responsible for putting out some of the most incredible experimental, techno influenced music for the dancefloor and beyond since their first release in 2011 and giving a home for the works of the likes of Kowton and Hodge.

The latest offering comes from Cando, a Bristol based duo with their debut 12″, featuring tracks Bleak, Sundown and also a Dub version of Bleak.

The whole EP perfectly fuses dark and mystical, blending hypnotic percussive rhythms with enchanting flutes, easily translatable between dancefloor and headphones.

This one is set to drop on 26th July, you can pre-order now via the Livity Sound Bandcamp here.


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