Chavinski delivers third release on Sneaker Social Club

The work rate of Coco Bryce in 2019 has been something to behold.

He has introduced the world to his Chavinski alias in glorious fashion with 2 releases in almost as many months, both were extremely well received and really stood out in what has been a very UKG year so far.

Now his third release on Sneaker Social Club is about to drop and this one takes a different twist.

Moving away from the 2-step rhythms which informs the previous records, this one is straight up 4×4 and very much influenced by the likes of Todd Edwards and Qualified. Licked with pitched up, looped vocal samples, happy playful chords and that fast bumpy break.

Its a really great record and one can only wonder if this will be the final one and conclude what would be a memorable trilogy? Or will there be more to come? Lets hope its the latter.


Dropping 13th September but available to pre-order now on the Sneaker Social Club Bandcamp here.




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