Chavinski drops 2-step bomb on Sneaker Social Club

Since their inaugural release 2011, Sneaker Social Club have slowly but surely, release by release, become a real force in the club music world.

The man responsible for all the output, Jamie Russell, who also runs Hypercolour, has expertly curated the labels eclectic array of releases ranging from the experimental Al Tourretes to the raw Jungle of 2 Bad Mice.

The freshest slice of Sneaker Social action comes in the form of Chavinski’s (aka Coco Bryce) 2-step infused double header In The City / Colours Of You and its an absolute belter.

In The City is a real anthem. With its powerful vocal, techno stabbing chords and deep warping reese bass pulsating over a classic 2-step beat, this has all the potential to be the tune of summer 2019.

On the other side, Colours Of You is your more traditional 2-step jam and what a beauty it is. I dare you not to be hypnotised by the Castle of Illusion-esque arpeggios. This ones a percy.

Released 28th June 2019 but you can pre-order vinyl and digital NOW over at the Sneaker Social Club Bandcamp, click here



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