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Children Of Zeus – Travel Light (First Word Records)

Hip hop and soul collide on Travel Light, the brilliant second album from Children Of Zeus.

For many listeners, Manchester’s Children Of Zeus as a duo, first came into their ear space with the magnificent Still Standing track and the subsequent and just as magnificent remix by Lenzman.

The two members of the group, however, had plenty of experience and kudos with Konny Kon known for his work with Manchester’s finest Broke N English and Tyler Daley making his mark as a soulful talent to watch (and one who has worked with Goldie, LSB and Soul II Souls Carol Wheeler) and they were soon gaining plenty of praise and fans alike.

Their debut album The Story So Far…. (on which Still Standing opened proceedings) was a wonderful melding of hip hop and soul, packed full of witty and hard hitting lyrics and heartfelt melodies. While many artists would struggle to follow up such a record, Children Of Zeus prove they are not just any other artist and have upped the ante considerably with the long awaited follow up Travel Light.

The chilled out vibes, sublime melodies and above all the soul in his voice of Daley take pride of place again and they complement the confident and heartfelt lyrical approach of Konny Kon perfectly. The few guests here such as DRS and K S R (on All On You)  and Terri Walker (on Sling Shot Riddim) add their spots to the album brilliantly but there is no denying that this is all about Children Of Zeus.

The beat selection is on point throughout, all shimmering and soulful beats colliding with classic hip hop loops and breaks, allowing the duo to let loose accordingly.

Tracks such as Slow Down, Hoodman2Manhood, Hard Work and Daddy’s Car in particular are so well crafted as songs and executed expertly but to be honest, it’s difficult to single out particular tracks as the whole thing works so well as a record that you have to listen to from start to finish and let it consume your head and your heart.

Travel Light is a very powerful album, full of soul bearing and heartfelt sentiments and also one will that will certainly stand the test of time. It’s a supremely executed record packed full of passion, soul and grit that is perfect listening material for these long summer months and will be equally as perfect music as the nights start to draw in.

Children Of Zeus have excelled themselves with this one and it is sure to be many, many people’s favourite new record from the get go.

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