Holloway - Late Night Excursions

Debut solo vinyl release for Holloway

The seemingly never ending slew of high quality UKG releases relentlessly continues and, yet again, its another debut release from an artist making all the noise, ladies and gentlemen introducing, Holloway.

The up and coming London producer/DJ has been turning heads with his dark-laced sets which have been heard on the likes of NTS and Rinse FM. His productions have also been huge attention, his track Frontleft has been doing the rounds in clubs and radio as a dubplate and now will see a release on the next Dr Banana EP which we featured last week.

It is inevitable then that now we have the debut full EP. Available on both vinyl and digitally, its named Late Night Excursions and features 5 productions all perfectly executed in style. Influences of Ghost and Gurley can be detected but also influences of the likes of Wen and Facta, creating this newer exciting sound which we all can’t wait to hear more of.

Vinyl and Digital available on the Warehouse Rave bandcamp here.

Follow Holloway on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud.




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