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DJ Rap, Erb N Dub & Scruffizer – Run Dis Ting

DJ Rap, Erb N Dub and Scruffizer combine with stunning results to bring the fire with Run Dis Ting.

Drum & bass pioneer DJ Rap returns with her first slice of d&b in a long while, hooking up in huge style with Killer Hertz man and a big artist in his own right, Erb N Dub and sureshot grime MC Scruffizer for certain new dancefloor anthem Run Dis Ting on The Prototypes Get Hype imprint and blasting the track continuously, the very first thing that strikes is that it has definitely been worth the wait as this track is undeniably deadly.

An atmospheric intro builds and builds, with the tracks title spat with focus and the bass hitting hard, until it explodes into a killer tech step rhythm with Scruffizer showing exactly what a talented, underrated and at times unfairly slept on MC he is (although with his performance on this and the promise of a slew of new material shortly, being slept on will undoubtedly change) with his skippy flow transforming into double time rapping that fits the beats perfectly and hypes the track up with intent.

The swaying beat continues to roll until it explodes once again and Scruffizer returns but this time armed with a flow more at the start akin to Dynamite MCs on Roni Sizes evergreen Who Told You and it certainly has the same effect, and as the lyrics speed up the track decends into full on rolling madness with the bass increasing as the track reaches its conclusion.

This a huge tune and one that sees DJ Rap returning to her roots in fine style and thus is so good to hear and what a way to come back, creating d&b fire with Erb N Dub and Scruffizer completely destroying the track lyrically.

With Run Dis Ting, Rap, Erb and Scruffizer have combined to create an anthem that will be played out in raves for the rest of the year and into 2019 with ease, destroying dance floors in its wake for sure and on the evidence here, this trio should definitely link up again for new music.

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