Dr Banana announces 9th instalment of ‘Again’ series

I, along with many others, wait with baited breath for the next announcement for what will be the next instalment of Dr Banana’s ‘Again’ series. Hoping it will be yet another slice of UKG history that you’ve been dying to own and so far we’ve never been disappointed.

Next up for the Bristol imprint is 4 tracks, lovingly remastered, by Mystic ‘Dubplate’ Matt’ under both his Krush Groove (w/ Lames Lavonz) and 3 Practical aliases.

As well as being a badbwoy producer from the golden ere of Garage, he is also perhaps best known for being the owner of Love Peace and Unity Records which is home to some of the most beloved (and now most expensive) Anthill Mob records, most of which he collaborated on.

The 4 tracks on this new reissue however drawn from 4 separate releases in true Banana style, carefully selected and bound to keep everyone happy.



A1. Krush Groove – The Fear

A2. Krush Groove – Paradise

B1. 3 Practical – Vybin

B2. 3 Practical – If You Want My Love


Pre order now on the Dr Banana website.




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