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Enei – Divided Mode EP

Enei returns with his latest EP and it’s a perfect selection of drum & bass anthems packed full of both soulful melodies and heavy basslines.

Critical Music lynchpin Enei returns with his new EP Divided Mode and it’s five tracks of drum & bass that is in turns exciting, bold and captivating and the one thing it is not is predictable. The EP starts as it means to go on with the title track and Enei demonstrates the dedication to his craft with the immediate and focused drums that build just the right amount of tension before the waves of bass come crashing in at just the right moment and the rest of the track is pure drum & bass heaviness. It’s the perfect way to kick things off and things just go from strength to strength from then on in.

Pay The Cost follows and this collaboration with Jakes sees the Bristol boss dropping his trademark knowledge over a truly massive bassline, creating the right mix of swagger and energy to create a brilliant track, perfect to be dropped at any event. Northern Noise is up next and sounds gigantic, a heady mix of full on energetic vibes and a scattering of tense and discordant beats that hits all the right notes.

The swaying Widowed is another massive sounding tune that emits all the right energy, an energy that spills out of the speakers as it rolls through, steamrolling all in its path with that bassline. The soulful Limits featuring the sublime vocal talents of Anastasia ends things brilliantly and on a more mellow high and is the perfect contrast to what has gone on before it. The warm bassline and the vocals both soar over a deep rhythm that sounds so heartfelt before it drifts off into the night.

With Divided Mode, Enei shows why he is highly revered and rightly so, this is five tracks of dancefloor madness and soulful melodies all produced with passion. The raw energy shines through even though it is pristinely produced and the two vibes definitely compliment each other perfectly. Divided Mode is another deadly musical cannon in the Critical Music arsenal.


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