Fearless Dread - N4

Fearless Dread – N4 (Juan Forté) [UKBM Premiere]

Juan Forté have been spending the couple years throwing some of the sickest parties around the UK as well as providing the sounds for their Subtle FM residency, exploring bass heavy music around 140bpm.

The East Midlands collective, who formed in 2016, have now turned their attention to releasing records and they are currently gearing up for their first.

In typical heavyweight fashion, it comes in the form of the debut release of Fearless Dread, made up of production duo Chuckman and Arkwright.

Their music is heavily rooted in the early, 04-06 Dubstep sound. Dancing percussion, hypnotising leads, all enveloped by a huge wall of sub pressure and we here at UKBM are huge fans of their productions.

This ones a big one which is why we are proud to premiere for you A-side of the record entitled N4.




A – N4

B – Double Red


Full release date including the incredible vinyl artwork is 30th October and will be available exclusively via the Juan Forté site.


Things only get better, Juan Forté are also putting on one of their biggest parties to date at a brand new warehouse venue in Sheffield on 16th November. Featuring an all star lineup and a soundsystem that will blow your socks off.

For more info and tickets, click here.

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