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Iglooghost – Clear Tamei/Steel Mogu

Iglooghost’s latest Brainfeeder release captures his two last EPs Clear Tamei And Steel Mogu together as one.

Iglooghost has been making waves over the past few years with a series of well received and infinitely listenable releases on Brainfeeder and this latest release captures his two last EPs Clear Tamei And Steel Mogu together as one and they clearly represent an artist who is totally in control with the music he is making.  

From the off, you can clearly see why Brainfeeder have chosen to put out the music of Iglooghost as he has the same musical outlook, delivery and vision as artists like Flying Lotus, Daedelus and Tokimonsta and this is demonstrated here without a doubt. The music is forward thinking without alienating the listener and is jam packed full of emotion and definite feeling of euphoric joy.

Clear Tamei/Steel Mogu are the latest efforts from Iglooghost and show that the London based producer goes from strength to strength when it comes to producing music that captures pure emotion despite the many twists and turns that his music takes. Beats morph freely alongside frantic breaks and the mood transforms frequently from a chilled calmness to a more berserk and energetic flourish and back again with consummate ease and never failing to capture your imagination. 

Clear Tamei starts things off before Steel Mogu takes over and the former is a more laid back affair that is full of trippy beats and hazy breaks on tracks like Nama and Shrine Hacker as well as more upbeat tracks such as the brilliance of New Vectors, a heartfelt anthem that combines stuttering beats with an uplifting charm and they all combine to get things off to a rolling start. 

Steel Mogu steps things off in a more energetic fashion with five perfect example of anthemic and triumphant tracks such as the energetic Steel Mogu, the sublime Black Light Ultra and the lurching groove of Mari Mode before the immense Niteracer ends the whole thing in style and you will feel a glow all the way through as you listen to it, as well as wanting to experience it all again as soon as it ends. 

Even though this is two EPs on one release, the way things flow, it is as if you have one full length album and if luck is in, there will be another one from Iglooghost soon, such is the quality of the music on offer here but for now, this is music that will consume your heart and fill it with an exhilarating glee and the combination of so many  styles from hip hop to breakcore to ambient is done brilliantly. 


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