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Jehst – Billy Green Is Dead

It’s been a long time coming, but UK hip hop artist Jehst has released his latest album ‘Billy Green is Dead’ on his own label YNR Recordings. Six years have passed since his last LP – a long time! It’s fair to say the wait was worth it. On first play, his instantly recognisable tone and flow accompanied by heavily sampled boom bap beats makes tunes like ‘Billy Green is Dead’ super catchy with its simple chorus.

Delving further into the LP, track 3 entitled ‘Good Robot’ is Jehsts’ two pence to the system, spitting conscious lyrics about todays times, our morals and existence. What is great about this music (for me) is that it gets me thinking, it’s relevant. Some people might not like what he says, or how his music sounds, but sometimes its important to talk and reflect on the message behind the music and lyrics.

A number of artist feature on the album, from Confucius MC, Jyager, Olah Bliss and Ennio Lion (to name a few). Appearing alongside UK Hip Hop legend, they and bring their own added style and vibe to each track, creating variety which keeps this listener interested – and eager to hear more!

So, if your’e a hip hop fan and you’ve not yet heard this latest artistry then head over to Itunes to purchase a copy!

Jehst is also touring the UK this coming Autumn with a number of appearances across the country. Get connected on Facebook or Twitter to find the nearest show.


Track List:

1.Billy’s Green Theme
2.So Far to Go
3.Good Robot
5.Household Name
6.44th Floor
7.City Streets
8.Set in Stone
9.Smoke Screen
13.Billy Green Is Alive!

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