Pearly Whites

Lemzly Dale’s Pearly Whites release 4 track EP

Pearly Whites drop their latest release and they are not messing about.

The Bristol based label, run by head honcho Lemzly Dale, have really marked their own territory. Sample heavy, skippy rhythms, chopped drums and vocals and the influence of MPC beat makers like Dilla and Kanye can be heard. It’s a refreshing style and Pearly Whites is becoming its home.

The latest EP follows suit and it’s arguably the biggest to date featuring 4 tracks from 4 different producers, Sir Hiss, Neffa-T, Lolingo and Lemzly Dale himself.

All 4 tracks are equally as strong and all perfectly encompass the Pearly Whites sound.

Cop it now directly form their bandcamp here




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