Margari’s Kid returns to Cosmic Bridge with new EP

If theres one thing you can guarantee about Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label, its that it consistently produces high end forward thinking electronic music

The next release which continues that trend is Margari’s Kid‘s second outing on the imprint, We Are Now Ghosts

This is a five track EP of the highest calibre and it so expertly blends beautiful and dark.

First track Titan is a perfect example of that with its deep warping bassline, intricate percussion and haunting vocals. Second track Darkness Is Older Than Light takes us even further down the path. An absolute wall of heavy kicks, swirling high ends, uncompromising low end and luscious pads.

Defender and title track We Are Ghosts Now are two perfect examples of minimalism, two tracks you can easily get lost in and hope you will never be found. The impressive Crypticz remix of defender rounds off the EP

Vinyl and digital are both out on May 10th but you can pre-order here


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