Talking Drums Take Me Home

[New Release] Talking Drums: Take Me Home

It happens sometimes and mostly seamlessly that a talented MC jumps over to the production side of the bench, swapping the mic for a Mac, and why not?

To perform vocally, especially live you must possess a solid grasp of the way music and it’s melodies work, the way it moves and how additional instruments can completely morph a track into a whole new offering, so it makes complete sense that in the case of this debut production release from Drum & Bass MC SAS the result is one of musical beauty, featuring the dreamy vocals of Cassidy Sarkady.

Take Me Home┬áis out now on Talking Drums’ own label, Sleep Less Records.

Preview the track below and purchase on itunes here


  • Miss Melissa Costello

    May 20, 2018

    Great read. I’m loving the track too

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