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Nuboid releases ‘Nomad LP’ on Off-Switch Audio

Off-Switch Audio continue their journey into the depths 140BPM bass music with new Nuboid LP.

Off-Switch Audio continue their journey through the depths and distant realms of 140BPM based bass music with their latest release. Grime and Dubstep producer Nuboid brings his unique sounds together to form his ‘Nomad’ LP which features 12 tracks. Nuboid has seen a mass of incredible support from 140 heavyweights such as Spooky, Sicaria Sound & Jackdat, and this LP will be no different.

The album begins with the Asian string harmonies of the title track ‘Nomad’, a sublime composition which starts the album off nicely, before delving into bit-crushed overtones and plucked orchestral instruments on the second track ‘Authority’. ‘Facade’ is a personal favourite of mine, featuring punchy bass line and skippy hats. I’m sure you’ll agree, this one will make any soundsystem shake.



Once again, congratulations to Nuboid and Off-Switch audio. This brilliant LP encapsulates an array of oriental and authentic samples alongside heavy bass driven beats, to create an original and beautiful body of work.

You can grab this now exclusively from their bandcamp page.


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