In Pictures: Dub Pistols at Concorde2

Last Thursday, our good friend and event photographer James Christy Allman headed along to watch and capture the Dub Pistols live show at the infamous Brighton venue, Concorde2. Most reggae and dub supports will be familiar with the Dub Pistols and all that they do, having a rich and long history in music, spanning across 20 years.

Keep your eyes and ears out for their seventh studio album ‘Crazy Diamonds’ dropping soon, and a documentary to go with it, giving an insight into their new music. The guys are now touring until the 15th December across the country with a bunch of wicked special guests in attendance!

Again, I’ve got to say a HUGE thanks to Christy for taking such fantastic shots and capturing the night perfectly. We hope you like these pictures as much as we do.

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