Pinch & Mumdance – Control / Strobe Light [Tectonic]

Nearing their 100th release, record label Tectonic’s 98th see’s Pinch and Mumdance release another experimental leftfield record. The first track ‘Control’ sits at 140 beats per minute, giving it that dubstep flavour, with a heavy and catchy synth line, accompanied by distorted vocal samples and a rhythmic drum pattern. The B side ‘Strobe Light’ comes in with repetitive drum hits, gradually built up and arranged to create a tune thats sure to shock dance floors. Low end growls and some serious modulation makes this one a hit if your a fan of techno.

Pinch are Mumdance have been grinding away, with many collaborations together under their belt. They’ve found the sound that works for them, with tracks such as ‘Big Slug‘ featuring vocalist Riko Dan being a big success. We hope both these talented artist continue to make music together, we’re always waiting to see what musical fusions they come up with next!

Buy the vinyl from Red Eye Records or digital version is available through iTunes.

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