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Promising/Youngster to release 2-Track EP, ‘AE-03’

A new Braindance release, from a very promising talent on a well focused IDM label coming out of Barcelona.

Promising/Youngster (Diego Cadierno) delivers 8.11 minutes of pure otherworldly, thoughtful and glitchy bliss in the form of a two track EP that whisks your brain away for a waltz.

Side A, entitled “Whales“, contains melancholic yet soothing melodies, with perfectly placed detuned synth jabs, accompanied with tastefully glitched and sliced percussive elements. The track progresses with more modulated synthesis adding emotional weight whilst also sounding unmistakably cool. Nostalgically futuristic, if wormhole travel was a thing this surely would accompany the traversing of dimensions suitably.

Side B, “Zen“, is formed mainly around a dynamic acidic melody, alive and cheeky whilst suspensefully uncoiling, surrounded by perfectly matching heady aesthetics. A strong bassline emerges more prominently just before the mid-way mark, with heart-string tugging synth arps and pads joining, dosing positivity and ethereal beauty into the listener(s). This one is definitely playable to a no doubt appreciative audience, best served accompanied with rays of sunshine in morning hours for a magical sensory experience.

Adepta Editions is a record publisher focusing on Electronic and IDM music, releasing limited edition cuts on vinyl out of Barcelona. Excitedly for Braindance and Electronica heads it seems they are on the beginning of their journey, an outfit to keep tabs on.

Listen and buy here :


Side A: Whales
Side B: Zen


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