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S.P.Y - Alone In The Dark: EP3


S.P.Y – Alone In The Dark: EP 3

S.P.Y concludes his ‘Alone In The Dark‘ EP series on Hospital Records with its third and final volume. As with previous EPs in the series, this edition packs a punch with 5 tracks ready to make work on dancefloors all over the world.

The first track, ‘Transmission‘ opens with super smooth ambient pads, along with gritty old school sounding breaks and echoing vocals. This creates a strong opening vibe before then building into a drop with massively thick rumbling harmonic bass tones that give the track an immense amount of energy and kicks off the EP with a bang!

The EP is then followed by ‘Hardcore Harry’. This track instantly draws you with its distinctive groovy drums and percussion. Along with the percussive breaks, the song opens with some eerie pads and musical melodic FX as well as a bit crushed bass sound, which teases what is to come in the drop. The song then builds with its reverse sound effects before dropping into a deep and dirty bass which, paired with the funky drums creates a vibe that is sure to get people moving in the club.

We then move on to the mighty ‘Dominator Mode’. This track opens with spacious cold atmospherics. As the song builds, we are greeted with the song’s ridiculously percussive, signature sounds which eventually climaxes and is fully developed as the drop hits which not only hits hard, but also packs a serious amount of groove that S.P.Y is known for.

The 4th track, Lockdown, opens with a more melodic tone with its arpeggiated beeps and synthesised string sounds. The track then rises with squelched synth FX that then build into a pre drop vocal sample before dropping with monstrously heavy, old school sounding reese bass sounds along with hard-hitting rolling drums create an overall, really dark moody number.

S.P.Y then switches up the style for the final track of the EP. The appropriately titled ‘Dreaming’ carries a much more smooth liquid vibe; something fans of S.P.Y’s fans have come to love. this song makes no exception with its dreamy piano and vocals which then drops with a warm, deep bass, which paired up with the melodic sounds from the intro, creates a rich and melodic liquid roller.

Overall, I feel that this EP creates a strong conclusion to the ‘Alone In The Dark’ trilogy of EPs and solidifies the fact that S.P.Y. is capable of making consistently big dancefloor ready tunes as well as creating musically rich, warm rollers.

Track List

  1. Transmission
  2. Hardcore Harry
  3. Dominator Mode
  4. Lockdown
  5. Dreaming

Buy/Stream Alone In The Dark: EP 3 here

Alone In The Dark: EP 3 by S.P.Y is out now on Hospital Records

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