Splice – A Creative Hub For Musicians!

Since I started producing music, digging into my pockets to buy sample packs and extra plugins has always been a BIG treat, especially as most sample packs retail at around £30 a pop! Not only would I have to buy the whole pack all in one go, I would never use all the samples featured.

However, a few months back I noticed a cheeky Facebook ad (usually I ignore them!) promoting a new platform called Splice. I investigated a little further and was blown away by what they offered! For a reasonable $7.99 a month, Splice Sounds will offer you over 1 million samples and presets to choose from, with the flexibility to only download the ones you want. With 100 downloads available per month, you can pick and choose the samples you want, without the hassle of forking out for a whole pack.

Other plans on offer are rent-to-own plugin schemes, meaning you pay a monthly fee until you own it. There is a wide range of plugins and effects to choose from, making Splice an affordable (and manageable) way to invest in software for music. As you are probably aware, music production software is extremely expensive and may be a deterrent for a lot of people starting out, but the idea of Splice Samples and renting to own schemes will allow more people to get involved.

Check out the website if you haven’t already – Splice are offering a one month FREE trial! I highly recommend this service for anyone interested in music production.

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