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Spotlight: Reuben J Falle (Ambient IDM)

Reuben J Falle is a producer based in Brighton, UK who, in his own words, blends ‘Ambient, IDM & Psychedelia’ and in my own words, ‘makes damn good music’.

We are lucky enough to receive music almost daily here at UKBM and although the majority of it is incredible, when a project as enchanting as Reuben’s ‘Blue EP’ lands in the inbox it is absolutely necessary to spread the good word.

Filled with emotion, the 4 track self-release is in equal measures inspiring and impactful, Nancy aptly described by the music maker himself as ‘Ambient Jungle’ provides 4 minutes of epic breaks and howling melody worthy of a film soundtrack and if descriptions of music are not your thing, just hit play below and decide which adjectives you’d draw for yourself.

A further 3 tracks, Animal, Biological Blue Veins complete the EP, all of which are produced incredibly and prove to be an addictive addition to any Ambient fan’s playlists.

Huge shouts to Reuben for sending this over, damn pleased to be able to support.

Blue EP is available from July 28th on all streaming platforms.

Follow Reuben J Falle on soundcloud | instagram | website

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