Beatfreaks - Test Press

The Beatfreaks get the Dr Banana treatment

Dr Banana continue their unstoppable momentum with the seventh entry in their ‘Again’ series.

The series is dedicated to repressing highly sought after UKG relics from back in the day, lovingly remastered from the original DAT tapes they were recorded too, its truly holy work they are doing and the latest is no exception to the rule.

This time around its The Beatfreaks with their originally released in 2003, Test Press / Boo Dem.

Big bad breaks and even badder basslines on this one and not for for the faint hearted.

The original press has grown exponentially in value of the last year or so but now you can own it at normal retail price with a fresh 2019 master.

“Sweep tone from 20hz to 20khz”


Go cop it now while you can over at the Dr Banana website





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