#ThrowbackThursday: Hatcha & Crazy D b2b Kutz b2b Lost [Kiss FM]

Digging deep this week for our #ThrowbackThursday which takes us back to 2009 at the peak of Hatcha and Crazy D’s weekly Dubstep show on Kiss 100 FM which took place every Tuesday night/Weds morning 12am. They regularly welcomed guests from throughout the Dubstep world including some of the greats at the time whilst also providing a platform for some of the newbies who later ended up making a mark on the scene.

I picked this show at random from the GetDarker audio archives, there really are too many to highlight so after a quick reminder listen this was the one that jumped out. Listening to this hour long show transports me back to a period of time where Dubstep was all I ate, slept and breathed, I was, along with many others, engulfed in a community all vibrating on the same wavelength, we loved this music, this movement that was happening in and around us at the time, it was truly something to be proud of and something we spread the word of religiously.

Shouts to Hatcha & Crazy D for all the time and effort they put into their shows providing fresh music each week for the listeners. Shouts to Kutz & Lost for their guest mixing in this show and many others and shouts to GetDarker for hosting this and so much other audio, without people like them this would all be lost and forgotten.

Listen to this show below and check out more from GetDarker’s archives here.



Photo Credit: BNTL

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