#ThrowbackThursday: Peverelist – Old School Jungle Mixtape

2017 has already been an exciting year for Bristol don, Tom Ford aka Peverelist. Not only did he self release his album (respect!) ‘Tessellations‘ in May through his label Livity Sound (co-run with Kowton), further hype came when Drake was heard sampling (and jogging to) Peverelist’s meritable track, ‘Rolling with the Punches’ which was an eyes-down, hypnotising zoner that made it’s first impact on the Dubstep scene back in 2007, fingers crossed we hear the full result of that sampling pretty soon.

These kind of achievements never tend to come to an artist without a history of hard work, consistency and persistence, all of which are evident when looking at Pev’s discography and performance history, and there is no doubt that behind the scenes the graft to learn his craft was real else he wouldn’t still be relevant today.

To remind us of his dedication, this week’s TBT takes us back to some time in the 90’s when Pev must have been just starting out. He’s uploaded a couple of Jungle mixes (vol 1 above and vol 2 here) from that time and DNBA Forum(RIP) regular, Tim Reaper has kindly put together the track list for both in the top comments on youtube, what a ledge.

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“Bass does something to me. I absolutely immersed myself in Drum & Bass during my teens and early twenties, and when Dubstep came along I was thrown into that love once again, not just the music, but the whole community surrounding it.

Working in the industry has been a dream for me, and being involved in such a vibrant scene means that I constantly come across incredibly talented individuals who I just want to shout about and that’s what I use the UKBM platform for, to promote talent whether known or new.”

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