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Thugwidow – You See How It Spreads Out Like A Fungus (Fiesta Soundsystem Remix)

We premiere the evocative remix of Thugwidow’s ‘You See How it Spreads Out Like a Fungus’ by Fiesta Soundsystem.

Concluding their opening series of singles, hand-picked to showcase the contemporary evolution of Jungle, UK Bass label, Sub Merchants give us ‘Surrey Street’.

3 originals, 3 remixes.

The original tracks by TMSV, Samurai Breaks and Thugwidow, re-licked by Drumterror & B:Thorough, Groves & Feista Soundsystem all expertly represent the many different faces of Jungle and indeed, bass music. Passionate angst through to awe-inspired wonder is the full range of emotion jam-packed into this 6 track vinyl and digital release.

We’re incredibly excited to premiere Fiesta Soundsystem’s remix of Thugwidow’s aptly named, You See How it Spreads Out Like a Fungus.

2020 has been a year of introspection (what else could we do, right?) and the creativity birthed from such a time was always going to reflect that. Fiesta Soundsystem’s remix perfectly encapsulates this, just with ten times more depth.

Ideally listened to with (decent) headphones on, this journey of a track transports the listener into a contemplative and completely meditative domain.


Release date: Friday 4th December

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