UKBMix 020 // Mobes

Mobes steps up with a dark Bass Music mix for UKBMix 020

Track List:

Wreckless – Catch The Wind Feat JustSomeGuy
2562 – Jerash Hekwerken
Klute – Torrential Pain Feat Moocha
Martyn – Seventy Four (Redshape Remix)
Leon VyneHall – Step Or Stone (Breath Or Bone)
SCB – Rope
Paleman – Etch
Enyo – Poltergeist VIP
Beneath, Wen & Visionist – New Wave
Hugo Massien – Mystik
Ishan Sound – Aakrosh (Muttley Remix)
Nguzunguzu – Break In
Yamaneko – Slew Wave
Four Tet – Kool FM
MumDance & Logos – Wut It Do 12” Mix
Pressa – Fantasia
Notion – In The Corner
Mssingno – Skeezers
Floops – Untitled A2
CanBlaster – Triple Ring
Clean Shirt – Knots
Squarepusher – My Red Hot Car (Girl)

Lara started out at the age of 16 as a blogger, setting up her own platform, MakeItGood which ran for 5 years, featuring mixes and interviews with Dubstep artists in collaboration with FatKidOnFire.

“With over 6 years experience working in music promotion, I feel so glad to be running UKBM again, creating more space for new comers and talented artists. It’s amazing to be able to promote and support Bass culture!”

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