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UKBMix 028 // Deefor

Drum and Bass and Atmospherics take us on a journey for UKBMix 028

@Deefor in the mix for UKBMix 028 (Elite series 003)


Deefor – Intro
Balam Acab – Fragile Hope – Tri Angle Recods
iambic – Regulus – Frisk Records
Efdemin – Acid Bells – CURL / N.E.W.S
Tone Depth – Rumble Fish – Bedrock
Pablo Bolivar – Addicted – Desolat Music Group
VVV – Vertigo and Flames – unknown
J-One – Spirits Awaken – Urban Scrumping Records
Maya Angelou (poem) Bill Clinton’s inauguration
LTJ Bukem – Horizon – Good Looking Records
David Gerard – Prescience – Orbiting Orion
Jubei – Visions – Metalheadz
Deaf Centre – Lamp Mien – Type
Deefor – Windjammer – Forthcoming on Albion Collective
Johann Johannsson – Odi Et Amo – unknown
Stereo MC’s – Ancient Concept – Island Records
Spooky – Celeste –
Deefor – Outro

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