UKBMix 041 // Unknown Order

It’s been a few weeks since we uploaded a new guest mix to our UKBMix series, so we thought it was about time we changed this! Unknown Order, a DJ/Producer based in the West Midlands provides us with our 41st mix in the series. Packed full of unreleased dubs and forthcoming tracks from some of the scenes hottest musicians. It’s great to see/hear so much fresh new music in this mix, so if you like what you’re hearing, go and support the artists featured!

Sit back and get your ears round this hefty little mix. Keep in the loop with Unknown Order by following him on Soundcloud and Facebook. Free downloads enabled 🙂


Baku & Unknown Order – Creation Dub [VIP] [Free DL THS]
Unknown Order – Stingray Dub [Unreleased]
Baku & Unknown Order – Nuff Vibez [Sub Garden Free DL]
Jam PRD & Skint Disco – Pharaoh
Baku – Nostromo [Unreleased]
The Greys – Moon Men [VIP]
Krytikal – Haunted
Wevaman & Goosensei – The Struggle [Unreleased]
The Greys – Scanner
Baku & Unknown Order – The Plan [Unreleased]
The Greys – R32
Baku & Unknown Order – Among Us [Unreleased]
Skint Disco – The Pipe
Breeze – Stand Back
Unknown Order – Zion [Dubplate]
Baku – More Dub [Styx Recordings]
Wevaman & Unknown Order – Dreadlock Dub [Unreleased]
Halcyonic & G Roots – Once Upon’a Time Dub [Transient Audio]
Akcept – Valley Dub
J:Kenzo – Zbantu Shake
Unknown Order – Blind [Styx Recordings]
Unknown Order – World Dub [Dubplate]
Wevaman & Unknown Order – Smoking Dub [Unreleased]
Unknown Order – Meditation Dub [Styx Recordings]
Baku – The Curse [Styx Recordings]
Unknown Order – Double Droppin [THS Free DL]
Baku – Shadow Boxing [Unknown Order Remix] [Unreleased]
Baku & Unknown Order – Seven Days [VVC 003]

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