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UKBMix 047 // The Bass Society DJ’s

Jam-packed with dubplates, the Paris based collective, The Bass Society deliver UKBMix 047.

Straight off the back of releasing the second instalment of their hard hitting ‘Le Dub War‘ compilations, Paris based outfit, The Bass Society deliver UKBMix 047

The mix comes in three parts from three different members; Hakeem, Background and DJ Absurd

Jam-packed with dubplates, this mix is a perfect insight into how these guys operate, perfectly merging the worlds of  Grime and Dubstep perfectly

We know you’ll love this one.

You can read more about and buy The Bass Society’s latest comp here


Rasper – Brat (Dub)
Rasper – Blah (Dub)
Distinct Motive – Suck my wub (Dub)
Ind33p – Hardwire (Dub)
Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (Mutated Mindz dub) (Dub)
Ind33p – Projection Dub(Dub)
Ind33p – Reality Dub (Forthcoming Version Collective)
Ind33p – Lurkin’ (Forthcoming Version Collective)

OUTOFTHEWIRE – She Who Danced With The Blades [dub]
Xakra x Klippee – Circles (ft. Ill Chill) [dub]
Mungk – Industrial Dub [dub]
Gnischrew – Hedonist (ft. Kinetical) [dub]
Zygos – D.Dub [dub]
Diggerz – Chat Noir [forthcoming]
Qant. – Puzzlism [dub]
Familiar Face – One Take Freestyle (Illektré Mix) [dub]
Logan x Rakjay – Shellington Season [dub]
Kestai – One Spliff Flip [dub]
P.TAH – Einige Dubz (DMG RMX) [dub]
Pardon – SP [dub]
Majoriti – Elephant Dance [dub]
Jammz – The World (Rakjay Remake) [dub]
Tubz – 21st Century [dub]
Vexxe – Pulse 5 (J-Shadow Remix) [dub]

DJ Absurd:
Counterfeit Rainbow – Hollowed (Forthcoming BassClash Records)
Panix & Ranking Dan – Lean (Forthcoming Simply Deep)
DJ Absurd – Unshared Love (Forthcoming BassClash Records)
Drumterror – ?????
OnIt – Slinky (Forthcoming Four40 Records)
Jacques Jaguar – Base10 (Dub)
DJ Absurd – Liptonicht (Forthcoming The Bass Society)
Korostyle – Mind Body & Soul VIP (Dub)
Soundboy Cookie – My Production (Forthcoming Vex Records)
V Links – System (Forthcoming BassClash Records)
Gnischrew – Panic (Dub)
Soft Matter – Have you seen my friends (Forthcoming The Bass Society)
El B – Boombox (Forthcoming Ghost Recordings)
Zerg – Saxon (Dub)
Makak – Geiger (Dub)
Nasty Jack ft Yunga Hunga – Teck9ne (Forthcoming Self Release)

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1 Comment

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