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UKBMix 80 // Fiesta Soundsystem

UKBMix number 80 comes from the rising London-based producer and Shall Not Fade affiliate who provides a seriously sick blend of 140-170 bpm pressure

For the 80th instalment of our UKBMix series, we welcome to the fold one of our favourite rising artists right now, the big bad Fiesta Soundsystem.

The London-based producer and DJ has been lighting up the scene over the past couple of years with his utterly formidable and uncompromising sound, forged within his clear love and passion for all things Breakbeat and dipping in and out of a plethora of different styles such as Jungle, Drum & Bass, UKG and more.

His acclaimed releases have been put out by labels such as Warehouse Rave, ec2a, Scuffed Recordings and Shall Not Fade, who under their hugely popular sub-label Time Is Now, released his sensational debut album Rites Of Passage last year.

His UKBMix is a perfect encapsulation and representation of his heavyweight sound. Breathlessly breakneck at times and weird & wonderful at others, this is a worldie of a mix and one we can’t wait wait for you to wrap your ear holes around. Blow off your headtop material!

We had a chat with the man himself and he talked about his UKBMix, “The mix was more or less entirely off the cuff, just having fun playing propulsive beatsy tunes and dancing around my living room, 140 up to 170 over the course of 90 minutes.”

Biggest influence on your music?
From day one, obviously your standard 90’s heroes like Krust, Source Direct, Warp Records, etc. More recently, my friends, the music you share with one another, certainly I ended up with this choppy mixing style and taste for more hectic Braindance and Jungle thanks to the inimitable Osc Kins.

Last track you listened to?
Kelly Moran – Helix II

What track do you wish you’d made?
DJ Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll

Your dream collab would be with?
I don’t know. Obviously I’d love to sit in the studio with my idols to learn from them, but I think a dream collaboration would have to be with someone with an entirely different and complementary skillset & background to mine. I really want to do sound for films & video games someday, if that counts.

Favourite piece of music kit?
I finally upgraded from my slowly dying laptop back in January and built myself a PC for production, having a clean slate and much better tech specs has been so lush. I didn’t really think about it before I took the plunge, but there’s also something about using a tool I built myself to make my tunes that makes me happy.

Last album you listened to start to finish?
Dorothy Ashby – Afro Harping

Favourite record label?
It’s a toss up between Seagrave and Ilian Tape for me.

Favourite crisps?
Salt & vinegar ridgecut, no loyalty to any specific brand.


RTR – UEFI (Black Energy mix)
Hyph11e – Doppelganger
Millie & Andrea – Drop the vowels
Jossy Mitsu – Turismo
Randomer & Hodge – Simple As
Netsh – Quietus of the Machines
Alan Johnson – Step Inna War
Olga & Josef – HU Remix
Mark Seven – Contagious Paranoia
Planetary Assault Systems – Gated
Xr/Spool – Dg Msh
Katatonic Silentio – F.A.X. (Walton Remix)
Ivy Lab – Suzuki
Holy Tongue – Misinai
Anz – Stepper
Bitter Babe x Nick leon – SMS_229-305
Isthisreality – Xternal
Masha Motive – Artificial Fruit
Mani Festo – Iron Fist
Whylie- JGL24-04
Posture – Take It Off
Subreachers – LYM
Pavel – A.V.V (Realitycheck Remix)
Krome & Time – The Licence remix
Dub One – What Goes Around
Equinox – Unity
Roy Mills – I Stepped Outside & The World Opened Up
Curley – Smoke Underwater
Forest Drive West – Void Control
Zero T & Mosus – Monarch
Loxy & Resound – Clones
Mister Shifter – Dreada
Sonar Circle – Get Down
Camp Lo – Luchini (Lemon D Remix)

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