In Pictures: Sunday at Love Saves The Day Part 1

Last Sunday, we ventured down South west ways to Love Saves The Day, a weekend festival and this year a ridiculous number of high calibre artists joined the roster. Covering a range of genres across the weekend, we attended the festival on Sunday and were treated to seeing some of the best artists in bass music from the likes of Kano to TQD, and everyone else in between.

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing the photos from the days events. Let us know what you think of our photos, and follow our photographer Christy on Facebook and Instagram.

Kano side shot oneKano front shot one red tintCrowd view shot one
behind shot twoshot one on stageall three behindFlava D onecrowd shot gun fingerson satge oneclose up


More photos to come. Stay tuned!




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