Kid D – Pay Homage EP

Out this week on Four 40 Records is Kid D’s EP ‘Pay Homage’.

Kid D has been active for quite some time, he has produced tracks for some of the top names in the game such as Wiley, Skepta and Devlin and his level of experience is apparent when listening to the intricate beats within this release which are clearly rooted in Grime yet also incorporate R&B, and Trap flavours (one EP of his was named ‘R’n’G God’) and as so often happens with music, it’s hard to pigeon hole his sound tightly into a genre description and that suits us just perfectly.

‘Pay Homage EP’ is made up of 4 tracks all on a similar vibe, all containing his trademark ‘This is too easy’ sample, with the first track, ‘No Limits‘ perhaps being the heaviest hitting of all yet still so graceful with the help of the cleverly chosen female vocal stabs, ‘Gliding‘ brings out the more ambient side of his production, still bass heavy yet soundscape-y. ‘Revolution‘ brings us back to his Grime roots, still staying with the vocal stabs yet more energy this time which leads onto the final track of the release and my personal favourite, ‘Silver Rain‘. Round sounds, bass, that loose cymbal adding space. It’s a beaut.

Shouts to Kid D and the guys at Four 40, big release.

You can purchase the EP on itunes here


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