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KRUDD Raises Over £1K for the NHS

David Akosim caught up with Bru-C to chat about his recent campaign to help the NHS.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]These are tough times: mentally and physically.

Everyone is affected by COVID-19. No matter what city you’re in or what your occupation is, your life has drastically changed the past month.

The music industry is no different.

Tours cancelled. Shows cancelled. Release plans cancelled.

Freelancers are struggling to find their next work gig. Event companies are wondering how they’ll pay their staff; wondering when the next show will be. The uncertainty over the next 6 months will have a lasting effect on the industry.

It’s important to stress that health must come first. Perhaps the most important thing at this current time. That’s why we love the NHS. Our NHS. To all the non-UK Bass readers out there, the NHS is our publicly funded healthcare system. Its very existence is funded out of general taxation; therefore, the NHS’ life-support is aided by the UK public.

How incredible it has been to see the support for the NHS across the nation. Support and gratitude have come in many forms, from many walks of life – that includes the UK Bass scene.



Krudd: a music, events and clothing company situated in Nottingham. They’ve been the focal point of Bass music in the midlands the past five years. They boast incredible nights. Incredible merch. Incredible releases.

And now we see, incredible hearts.

From their latest product drop, Krudd raised £1,199 for the NHS. I’ll say it again: incredible.

We caught up Nottingham MC and Krudd main man Bru-C to discuss this amazing gesture from the crew.


How did the idea come about, to raise money for the NHS?

We wanted to raise the money for the NHS; obviously, they need the financial support, but it was only a small amount we could really raise. We thought the money would be good, but the awareness would do a lot more. To spread awareness to the people that might not know how important it is to stay at home and follow government procedures.


How did you go about raising the money?

Through the t-shirt that we did with the brand Eott, which was a Krudd x Eott collaboration.

We did the collaboration originally as a ‘U K, G?’ collab, which is like a “Are you okay, g” to your boys – making sure your boys are okay over text. That was the message of the t-shirt, around mental health in music. We were going to donate the money to charities around mental health and music, but we thought it makes more sense to do this for the NHS because of the current situation.


What’s the reaction been like?

The reaction was great! A lot of people showed loved. Just shows that we have a lot of support for the NHS across the country which is nice. It’s good to bring everyone together. I think that’s been a positive in all this.


How has COVID-19 affected you personally?

Well, it’s cancelled all my shows. I was probably going to have my biggest year, in terms of shows, in my career. It’s literally cancelled all the festivals I was going to play at, all the club shows around the UK that I was set to play. I had some European shows. A possible New Zealand tour in May that’s now been cancelled.

We’ve had all our events cancelled and we’re not able to ship, or make any clothes, because the factory that makes our garments has closed. It’s put everything on hold and my whole life on halt but right now, I’m just practicing wellness; staying positive.

I’ve got a home studio set up so I’m working on my second album. So, I’m just keeping positive – I’m not going anywhere!


In addition, Krudd have designed and made face-masks to give away to, for free, to essential workers. If that’s you or know any frontline staff, visit here.


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