LSB & DRS release collab project The Blue Hour LP

This soulful collaboration project first came into existence in an apartment in Dallas when both LSB & DRS were on tour earlier this year.

They’re no strangers of working together. DRS featured on ‘Missing You‘ a track on LSB’s album in 2016, a heart-felt piece dedicated to his friend Salford John who sadly passed on, and the two artists have continued to produce some of the most profound work found in the genre.

The Blue Hour consists of 14 tracks seamlessly put together with unmatched emotion. A true masterpiece of raw feeling. It’s impossible to pick out individual tracks, this LP should be enjoyed through in its entirety. I feel lucky to have even listened to this body of work. Thank you guys for being so true.

Immerse yourself below, purchase on bandcamp and let them know your thoughts via their Twitter @LukeLSB @MCDRS

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