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Murder He Wrote – Come Thru (Rhythm Athletic)

We premiere a track from the Manchester-based artist’s huge, multistylistic forthcoming EP on his own impressive, ever-growing label

Murder He Wrote is set to release a brand new EP on his own Rhythm Athletic label.

The Manchester-based artist and provider of UKBMix 065, has delighted listeners for almost a decade now with his infectious, highly rhythmic and bass-heavy productions which have been released on labels such as Roska Kicks & Snares & Sounds of Sumo.

Entitled 50/50 EP, the new project is a seriously wicked 5 tracker which superbly melds influences of UK Funky, Breakbeat, Bruk and House and further cements the producer’s constantly impressing signature sound.

Talking about the EP, Murder He Wrote has said, “When I think of club music I’m always kind of looking at it as sliding scales between the sonics (more synthetic vs more organic/sample based) and the rhythm (more 4×4 vs more broken) and this EP is a club focussed look at some of the different permutations of that within my own sound all inspired by lockdown lifting and having the opportunity to go out and dance again.”

Today we share with you an exclusive premiere of track 3 from the EP, Come Thru. A wonderfully euphoric, high energy breakbeat worldie laced with calypso percussion, soulful vocal chops and guided with powerful, driving bass.

50/50 EP is out Friday and will be available here.


1. Drop
2. Operate
3. Come Thru
4. Stay Up
5. Fade To Black

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