Om Unit self-releases new EP, Submerged

Ever at the forefront, Om Unit reminds us of his place as a spearhead in the realm of 160 with a new 6-track EP.

Submerged seamlessly brings together many of the influences which colour the sounds of the man with many names (aka Philip D Kick & Mahakala). Think Jungle, Juke, 4×4, Dub Techno & Electro. Combining such sounds as delicately and respectfully as Om Unit does is a feat taken on with a fine-tuned ear and quiet, yet striking confidence.

The whole EP is a journey. From the rhythmic, broken, Patterning through to spacious Dub-Techno leaning, Peninsula we’re provided with a body of work held together firmly with a fine thread of Om Unit’s personal musical journey.

You can own your own copy on 31st January by pre-ordering on boomkat here

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