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Spotlight: Cicely-Grace Ellison [Photographer]

We shine a light on rising photography star, Cicely-Grace Ellison.

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Music is just a part of our scene. Albeit the predominant thing that brings us all together in the first place, the industry surrounding a Musician’s creative output wouldn’t exist were it not for the support of the people behind the scenes.

Label owners, Artist Managers, Booking Agents, Event Promoters, Artwork Designers, Videographers and Photographers all uphold crucial roles in not only providing support for a musicians career and vision but also in aiding their development, helping them look good, sound great, reach more ears and in some cases, taking them to the next level in their career. Without these important players a lot of artists we love today may never have even been heard.

Our Spotlight series is here to give a platform to some of these incredibly talented individuals and small businesses who may not yet be recognised or are quite often forgotten about whilst they stand backstage rather than front-centre.

So! Let me get to introducing this hugely deserving individual, who is an immensely talented photographer named Cicely-Grace Ellison.

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We connected on Instagram in the usual way, through mutual friends and therefore interests, and by spending just 2 seconds on her profile it was immediately obvious how much time she has invested in honing her craft. Maximum respect straight away.

Hailing from the North of England and inspired by Fashion and Music, Cicely Grace-Ellison has taken incredible shots of some of the most influential bass music artists. And whilst she is fairly new to the game having just recently taken the plunge into making this her art full-time, Cicely really is already a rising star in our scene.

Take a look at the gallery below to appreciate her work.

Cicely also runs collective The Dirty North, a collection of talented artists showcasing controversial artwork including 35mm photography, music, clothing and video.

And if you’d like to enquire about a photoshoot with Cicely, hit her up on Instagram @cicelygrace or drop her an email cicelygrace (at)

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1 Comment

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