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UKG, We Rave As One
UKG, We Rave As One


Spotlight: UKG, We Rave As One

We shine a light on the UKG raffle raising money for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

As everyone will probably agree, 2020 has been almost a write off with humanity having faced some of its biggest challenges in recent times, both psychically and ethically.

A beautiful and brightly shining light that has permeated through all this though are the many examples of humanity coming together wanting to make a change for the greater good, with a hand firmly clutched on the idea that love conquers all.

UKG, We Rave As One is exactly that.

It’s an online raffle born within the underground UKG community. Tickets are £10 each with all proceeds going towards the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust; an organisation that has been supporting communities who are underrepresented in the workplace and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds for the past 20 years.

UKG, We Rave As One

Of course anyone who takes parts and donates is a winner but there are some very desirable prizes to be won by a lucky few, all of which have been kindly donated by key players in the UKG scene and record stores such as DnR, ColdCuts//HotWax, Dim Sum Records, Gather, Dansu Discs, Peaky Beats, Ghost Phone, Hardline, Shuffle n Swing and many more.

There are 6 prize prize bundles to be won which include vinyl copies of releases from the labels, t shirts, sweaters, tote bags and a 3 month subscription to Curated Wax, a vinyl subscription service (more info here).

You can buy as many tickets as you want with winners being announced on July 24th.

To buy and donate visit the UKG, We Rave As One Raffal page.


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