Summer of Rave 1989

The Summer of Rave [Documentary]

“We are going to change the world, we’re gona make everyone happy people, we’re gona make everyone like us” DJ Fabio

This documentary is about a time when you were possibly not even a twinkle in your daddy’s eye. The Summer of 1989 in the UK (and beyond) was a turning point for our nation and notably the illegal raves and rebellious teenagers of the time did a fantastic job of reflecting this social evolution in the culture of Dance music.

Back when raves would draw in 10,000 dedicated party-goers to various random venues such as farmer’s fields or aeroplane hangars and the only way you’d know how to get there is by calling a mobile number on the bottom of a flyer, receiving the location and commencing your journey around the M25 followed by a convoy of hundreds of other ravers, stopping on the hard shoulder every once in a while for an excitable catch up and a dance ’round the motor to the tape blaring from your cassette deck or boombox.

Without the hardcore dedicated teams and individuals taking the opportunity to put on these raves, how different would our music culture be right now?

The doc was originally aired on the BBC and is now available to watch on youtube below and here

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