Taiko - Miners

Taiko returns to White Peach with ‘Miners’

White Peach continue their form as one of the leading labels releasing music at the 140bpm mark and their next release comes from a producer who’s no newcomer to the label.

With his fourth solo project on the label, UK producer Taiko steps up and provides Miners, a brand new 4 track EP.

Title track Miners and also Prism are absolute monsters. Huge and heavy tracks with filled with enough eerie vibes and horror noise to put the jeebies up anyone. B side tracks One Of Us and Just Like We Used To explore a softer more beautiful side and both are exceptional pieces of music, balancing the whole EP nicely.

Big tings once again from the White Peach camp.



A1 – Miners

A2 – Prism

B1 – One Of Us

B2 – Just Like We Used To


Official release date is December 6th but you can can pre-order now via at White Peach.




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