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Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It
Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It


#ThrowbackThursday: Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It

There are certain tracks which almost define the period of time they were released in. Any music fan will be able to tell you one. Whether it was ‘Inner City Life’ in 1995, ‘Sincere’ in 2000, ‘Anti War Dub’ in 2006…the list goes on

In 1986 it was Mr Fingers’ ‘Can You Feel It’

House music had been born. Since the late 70’s it had been slowly growing out from Chicago’s Southside, specifically The Warehouse nightclub where DJ’s like Frankie Knuckles were playing a stripped back, more minimal version of Disco music informed by a 4×4 drum pattern

This sound evolved and refined and by the mid to late 80’s Chicago was alive with the sound of House music. Producers such as Marshal Jefferson, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk and Adonis all pushing this new sound

Of all those now legendary tracks from that era none are more special, in my opinion, than ‘Can You Feel It’. With it’s hypnotic lead synth and pads that make you feel like you are flying through clouds, it is an absolute dream and easily one of the greatest, most important House tracks ever made and means so much to so many people

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