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The Bass Drop – Late March

Choice reviews of a fine selection of bright new tracks being released as Spring arrives at the end of March.

At this time of the year we often start to feel more energetic, eat healthier and sleep less.  With the vernal equinox arriving, we see brightness blossoming all around and the fresh music releases are also in sync to delight another one of your senses.



Slowing is the primary release on Nehza records, a, 6 track beat and bass excursion from drummer Neida.  The release is fortified with tracks that show a love for the past and present UK underground sound.  The weight of the tracks is ever present, but there is also foot stomping build and ambience running throughout the EP.  Sounds can vary from rave to breaks, to house and 4 to the floor.  You will notice that these transitions will drop seamlessly mid-track at points that get you more devoted.  DSO displays the capabilities, hitting with mind bending synths on a constant groove.  A strong introduction to Nehza records, which was founded by Rinse France’s RONIListen / Buy


In 2020 Escalated Sounds released two Lushen albums that I continue to dip into.  If you have listened to String Theory EP or Colours, then I am sure you are eager to hear Lushen’s first drop of 2021.  Find My Feet is a powerfully driven, strung out masterpiece which would serve as an anthem for any passionate wanderer exploring a new world.  Listen / Buy



Taking a 90s vocal and dropping it into dark, bassy, chunky rave is not easy for many to get right.  Prozak expertly manages to merge club floor banger with nostalgia, assuring approval from both old and new school heads.  Make Me Feel lifts off this 6 track EP where the Dublin based producer continues to drop growling basslines on ever growing bumping beats.  Listen / Buy


The awesome Animadrop has once again invited us to become immersed into his existence.  Music lovers and producers alike champion his style of orchestral electronica.  The Bonn based producer is able to portray a sincere story in his compositions, using dark and beefy sounds.  The Cursed EP presents 4 tracks of tense mysteriousness to become submerged in.  For any people being introduced to this producer, start with The Cursed Record.  Listen / Buy



Pleased to see the considerate White Peach Records releasing more encapsulating deep dubstep.  De-Tu and Congi have teamed up to release Off My Chest, a 4 track EP layered with cerebral dubstep which is both engrossing and intriguing.  Shallow Waters is an example of the ear catching, big man music on the edition.  Listen / Buy

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