UK Garage London Underground Map

Here at UKBM we are forever supporters of creatives channeling their gift, especially if it’s relevant to electronic music of course and this weekend whilst visiting DnR Vinyl record shop I spotted this on the wall in pride of place.

It’s a London Underground map however, all station names have been replaced with important and relevant artists, record labels, radio stations etc. with links to the UK Garage scene past and present.

Much to my delight, the artist, named Bernard of UKG Active has shared a pdf (fitted to an A3 piece of paper at 100%) with us and even given us a special feature so you lovely readers can download a copy yourself here (open, right click, save) if you fancy, and feel free to print too (we have Bernard’s permission)!


Bernard and UKG Active are on socials facebook / twitter, why not connect and grow your network?

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