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UKBMix 033 // Buster

Delving through a range of halftime and drum and bass sounds, Buster provides UKBMix 033

Basspaths creator and 48.1hz event organiser ‘Buster‘ steps up to the decks to supply us with our next UKBMix.

Delving through a range of halftime and drum and bass sounds, Buster effortlessly mixes and blends each track, creating atmosphere and suspense. Catering to those who like a deeper and darker sound, this mix will take you on a journey, featuring unreleased dubs alongside some heavy hitting classics!

Have a listen/download his mix and catch Buster on his Basspath show on Sub.FM every other Sunday from 7-9pm.


1. Ruido – Animals are like deaf people [Unreleased]
2. ANCESTRAL VOICES – Thoughtforms [Samurai Music]
3. Paragon – Normal people (projekt 22 remix )[Unreleased]
4. OVERLOOK – Nowhere Else To Go [UVB-76]
5. Atiq – Into Oblivion [OnSet Audio]
6. CONSPIRED WITHIN – Sightings [Cylon]
7. Shiken Hanzo – The Centipede [Hojo Clan]
8. Human Nature – Visions [Hojo Clan]
9. K-Rob – The Leftovers [Synphonic Distribution]
10. Akinsa – Tomoe Gozen [bandcamp: shortcode must include 'track', 'album', or 'video' param]
11. Kogan Ryuu – Shigurui [Conspired within Music]
12. CID POITIER – Hear Dis (The Untouchables remix)[Translation Recordings]
13. Gremlinz & The Untouchables & Rumbleton – Apache [Renegade Hardware]
14. Concealed Identity – Third Stone [Ronin Ordinance]
15. Akinsa – Ancestors
16. OVERLOOK – Apparition (feat Ruffhouse)[UVB-76]
17. Hathor & Sotus – Still One [Eternia Music]
18. PESSIMIST – Through The Fog [Blackest Ever Black]
19. Inta Warriors – Inta (Akinsa’s Enorme Request Redub)[Unreleased]
20. Mystic State – Get Ready (Mystic State Remix)[Halogen Music]
21. ANTAGONIST – Planetary[Discipline]
22. Imanzi – Ragga [Skalator Music]
23. Duppy x 3RDi – Echo [Unrleased]
24. Digz – Them’s the Breaks [Unreleased]

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